About Us

Lacrosse New Brunswick (LNB) was formed in 2000 and is recognized as the administrative governing body of all levels and disciplines (box & field) of lacrosse in the province. LNB will introduce and delivered programs and services to assist in the promotion and development of the sport provincially.

The mission of LNB is to govern, improve, foster, and perpetuate the sport of lacrosse in New Brunswick. We are the umbrella organization for all lacrosse organizations in the province and direct the development of technical programs, supervision of competitions and provincial championships.

LNB also provides informative resources for those interested in the 'Fastest game on two feet'. For more information contact: Lacrosse New Brunswick by email lnblax@gmail.com

Lacrosse is recognized as a sport that is unparalleled in developing; skill, speed, endurance and athletic dexterity. It accomplishes this by combining the skills of hockey, basketball, and many other sports to produce a unique sport of its own. There are five different versions of lacrosse which are played today and teams across New Brunswick compete in:
     •Minor Box Lacrosse
     •Minor Field Lacrosse
     •Masters Lacrosse
     •Junior Lacrosse
     •Lacrosse Fits (Elementary, Middle & High Schools)

Thank You

Lacrosse New Brunswick would like to thank all of its supporters. In particular we would like to pay a special tribute to the Province of New Brunswick who has been a tremendous partner from the very beginning.

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